Launch of Unique Mental Health Dance Challenge

Launch of Unique Mental Health Dance Challenge

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A unique dance challenge, specially created to help people fight back against mental health problems is being launched on Monday 25 September by Chrissy Boodram host of the Chrissy B Show on mytv, SKY 203.

The #MHDchallenge starts at midday, on social media, the Chrissy B Show website and Youtube, when the dance will be revealed, and Chrissy and friends will be celebrating on her show at 10pm that evening.

With specially written music and dance moves, thoughtfully devised to encourage the fight back from depression, the challenge was created for all generations and ethnicities, as anyone can be affected by mental health issues. The aims are to encourage sufferers to resist depression, and combat the stigma so often associated with poor mental health.

Photo: Chrissy Boodram with dancers from Victory Youth Group (credit: Chrissy B Show)

Chrissy is eager to inspire anyone who struggles with depression, anxiety and so on to believe that they can overcome, and seek help as she once did. She said: “Despite all the recent publicity, it is still not 100% OK to own up to mental health problems. Dance is a great way to communicate, it’s fun, and it lifts mood, which means it’s perfect for encouraging people to re-think the subject.”

Everyone is invited to take the #MHDchallenge by learning the new dance, videoing themselves dancing and inviting friends to do the same.

Step one: visit any time from noon on Monday 25 September, download the music and watch the tutorial. Step two: video yourself doing the dance and post your performance on social media with the #MHDchallenge #chrissybshow #VYG hashtags. Step three: challenge friends to follow in your footsteps by performing the dance and passing the challenge on to their friends and colleagues.

Challenge videos will be included in the Chrissy B Show from October onwards.

Why the #MHDchallenge?

For several years Chrissy suffered from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fear of death and OCD, and was unable to talk about her troubles. When she finally sought help, she learnt to fight back, and has supported good mental health ever since.

She said: “Dance crosses all barriers, most people enjoy it, and it’s good for self expression, letting out frustrations and for mental health as it lifts your mood. I also wanted something that could reach people quickly and that might even help save lives by preventing suicide.”

Creating the dance

The #MHDchallenge music was developed by Malcolm Koroma, of the Victory Youth Group (VYG) in Finsbury Park, and then Malcolm and his dancers progressed to the choreography under Chrissy’s guidance.

Chrissy said: “The music has a powerful fighting spirit and the dance moves have been devised to show defiance, aggression, and putting up a fight against depression and other mental health issues. We worked through several versions before getting close to the final version, and then added a few simpler moves that anyone could do plus a freestyle segment at the end.”